SPOILER ALERT - May Box Reveal

Hi Everyone,

Our May box theme is “SLEEP” and this months box is quite literally HUGE!

We can always use a little more sleep and it’s hard with ur busy lives to wind down and get an early night.

This months box provides the tools to help you get ready for a good nights sleep.

Start by setting a time you want to start winding down, maybe this is once you have put your kids to bed or finished some household chores. Everyone is different and it needs to be a time that suits you and your lifestyle, something that you can maintain.

We would recommend starting with a shower or bath and then sitting down for a ten minute read with your LoveRaw almond drink. Before you start, apply your lavender balm to pulse points and let yourself be absorbed into your book. You might want to wrap yourself in your blanket and simple sit in your favourite comfortable spot in the house.

After that, set up for a little Yoga Nidra. For those that haven’t tried this before it is basically a sleep based yoga and involves relaxing poses and stretches/meditation. Lots of local Yoga groups will offer this and you might want to try a session to give you a feel and then replicate the process in your own home. The blanket is used to cover your whole body during the practice. Pour yourself a herbal tea and get ready to let your mind drift off somewhere else.

You will find once you get used to Yoga Nidra that it leaves you feeling very drowsy and in a perfect state to drop off easily once finally in bed.

Here is a full list of box contents this month. We hope you all enjoy them!

  • The Little Book of Quiet by Tiddy Rowan

  • LoveRaw - Cacao & Cardamon Almond Drink

  • Trulips - Original Lip Balm

  • Pretty Little Treat Co - Lavender Balm

  • Owls Road - Natural Handmade Dream Catcher

  • Yoga Matters - Full size Natural Yoga Blanket - Perfect for use in Yoga Nidra

  • Pukka x 2 Tea Bags

All Boxes are inclusive of a personalised letter

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