Clear Conscience...clear mind

All of our products are hand picked and carefully selected to ensure they are cruelty free, eco friendly and vegan (applicable to all foods and beauty products).

Each box is hand packed with between 5-10 items, this can vary from beauty products, foods and things to do to keep you on track.

You won't always know what is in your package but we can assure you and your loved ones that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our aim is to support small independent businesses who are working towards the same goals and ethics of ourselves.

Introducing you to new and innovative produce to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Our boxes are totally different each month, you will never get the same gift twice (unless you request otherwise).

We have several box options available from the one-off box, 3 and 6 month pay upfront subscriptions, as well as the pay monthly subscription. Every box is the same, it's down to you to choose your preferred frequency and payment option.