Here you will find a selection of reviews from our customers. These will be updated from time to time to reflect our most recent sales. Without exclusions this is a true reflection of our boxes, service and standards.



Sarah - Facebook - 20.07.2018

Was over the moon to come home to mu Mindful Gifting Box, from the beautiful packaging, the lovely note and the thoughtfully selected items. The perfect way to start the weekend.

Julie - Facebook - 20.07.2018

Such a beautiful gift, a real treat for the senses. I love my gift box so much! I would highly recommend this company, you can really see that they enjoy and take pride in what they do.

Mahala - Instagram - 01.07.18

Thanks to @mindfulgifting for one of their beautiful boxes, full of surprises. The presentation of the box firstly is so simple yet really does stand out. The June box comes with many things including a crochet set. The candle smells amazing, very calming and the de-stress is something I need. The tea is obviously prefect because I drink so much tea! So thanks @mindfulgifting, I absolutely loved the box!

Caroline - Instagram - 30.06.18

A beautiful gift, high quality, delightfully presented and most of all it put a smile on my face. It would make a wonderful and original surprise gift for friends and family. I can't wait to try out the contents.

Suzy - Email - 26.06.18

Oh you sweet thoughtful friend, thank you : ) XXXXX, the packaging is gorgeous, it's so well put together. I love everything about it xxx

Helen - Email - 29.05.18

Wow, What a lovely idea to box up some carefully chosen gifts for mindfulness. We all have times in our lives when things feel difficult and knowing that someone is thinking about you and wishing you well makes all the difference. The gifts themselves are all excellent quality and beautifully presented. The most heartwarming parcel I have ever received in the post!

Becky - Instagram - 10.05.18

To receive a box like this every month, it would make you feel so positive and really inspired. I know I'm going to have a good nights sleep tonight, I'm going to use all of this.

YouTube Unboxing Review - 13.05.18

YouTube Unboxing Review - 30.04.18

Sue - Instagram - 30.04.18

Last week I received my first Mindful Gift box which was a lovely gift. I didn't know what to expect, the contents were a complete surprise. I was amazed at how much was in the box. I loved the thoughtfulness of it. I had some pampering products, I especially love the lip balm. I also had an activity which was new to me, I have really enjoyed the soothing art of colouring and of course my tea and chocolate.

Suzan - Instagram - 29.04.18

Loved my box so so much, thank you guys. The whole box is so beautiful, I'm so happy

Katherine - Instagram - 25.04.18

So very impressed with the contents of this gorgeous box from @mindfulgifting. Perfect as a gift or if you yourself need a little cheering up!

Emelie - Instagram - 25.04.18

Just received, beautiful subscription box from @mindfulgifting

Elysium York - Instagram - 24.04.18

A big big thank you to the wonderful @mindfulgifting for sending us this beautiful box! It contains such a gorgeous selection of items to promote mindfulness. We're super excited to relax with the vegan chocolate some vanilla chai tea and our mindful colouring/activity book tonight. You all know how much we adore our oils too so we're obsessed with the Rosehip Carrier Oils. We'd definitely recommend the wonderful box! It would make the prefect surprise for someone to give them a little boost of mindfulness, or even yourself! Thank you again!

Mindfulness UK - Facebook -24.04.18

We were lucky enough to receive a gift from a company called Mindful Gifting.
This lovely box is full of goodies that supports people who may be suffering from #mentalhealth problems by giving them useful and usable items to help them to focus and be kind to themselves.
Here is a blog post about them and a link to
order. This is such a thoughtful gift and says far more than words or a bunch of flowers can. #kindness #thoughfulness #mentalhealthmatters…

Amanda - Facebook - 17.04.18

Just received a touch of kindness from Mindful Gifting, thank you!I'm really looking forward to deliving in. The smells from the box are beautiful and relaxing.

Catherine - Facebook - 17.04.18

Thank you so much for my lovely box, as soon as I opened it I loved it. It smelt gorgeous and I love everything inside. Can't wait for next months.

Alison - Private Message - 17.04.18

Bought a box for a friend of mine, just to let them know I was thinking of them. The box far outweighed my expectations. Top quality products, beautifully packaged and arrived in super quick time. That's birthdays and Christmas sorted in future.

Helen - Private Message - 16.04.18

Thank you so much for the Mindful Gift, I love everything in it, It is such a lovely thing to do for me.

Denise - Private Message - 15.04.18

Thank you so much! I received my box today. It all smells divine can't wait to use it all, very much appreciated.

Ellen - Private Message -15.04.18

My box came the other day and it was like Christmas when I opened it!