Where It All Began

Having spent most of my working life in a high pressure environment, I felt a strong desire to take better care of myself.

Life throws obstacles at us all in many forms and as much as this can seem unfair at the time, our minds gain so much from the experience itself. 

Through life's trials and tribulations I came across the practice of mindfulness and found this to be a great comfort and support. To the point that it made me think and care more about my own wellbeing and that of others. What I could do to help make this more accessible to all?

And so, in 2018 Mindful Gifting was established.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy creating them!

Our Mission

To make mindfulness and wellbeing an essential part of daily lives, whilst providing a quality and ethical product and making this accessible to all.

Mindful Gifting - What a fabulous idea. I need this to keep me in the present moment.
— Emma - Instagram

What We've Achieved

  • We are working with some of the best SME's in the health and wellbeing market. Supporting small businesses with BIG ambitions.
  • Watch this space for more achievements as we grow!
  • We achieved 1000 followers, wow! Thank you everyone.